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Legal Sanctity of Electronic Communication

Legal Sanctity of Electronic Communication: A new approach to substantive and procedural law has become necessary. Businessmen, employers, employees, institutions, lawyers, judges and even legislators have to understand not only the change but also have to internalize the paradigm shift.  ........more

Necessity of New Competition Law 

Necessity of New Competition Law : It is yet to be seen how the proposed competition law in India will deal with aspects of law hitherto not addressed. The problem of implementation and enforcement would be most serious as international entities may be involved. ........ more

Judicial Activism

Veerapan imbroglio -  Limits of Judicial Activism: Is liberty of a film star more important than that of an ordinary citizen? Are we governed by the rule of law or the sporadic inclinations of the people in power?. ........ more

Dishonoured Cheques

“The question is whether the presence of these precedents conveys anything about the efficaciousness of the remedy under the Negotiable Instruments Act. One measure for this may be the level of convenience or inconvenience for the person who invokes the new remedy under section 138.” ....... more

Mechanism of Public Interest Litigation

“ … because PIL was devised to bring quick results, bypassing normal procedures, and since it is considered a potent weapon, it was bound to attract forces which would use it for the wrong reasons” ......more
Women’s Rights in India: Changing Facets

“However, intervention by courts in singular instances cannot change the society. The women can achieve legal equality by changes in social thinking itself. This can be achieved only through proper education. Legislative measures which are wholly divorced from social reality, cannot bring about drastic changes by use of concepts alien to the people” .....more

Compounding of Offences beyond Cr.P.C.

”In our country, where the arrears of pending court cases is huge, it is appropriate that, in public interest, we keep reviewing the penal statues and have a policy regarding compounding of offences.” .....more

Right to Speedy Trial

“The accused in these cases might have been on bail - but the injustice of pendency of trial for long periods is the uncertainty and the concomitant anxiety suffered by the under-trial. The under-trial is inhibited in making future plans for his life or executing present ones due to the uncertainty which pendency of trial brings. His confidence starts to erode and at the end of the trial, even if he is honourably acquitted, the scars of the long trial remain. He feels condemned despite the acquittal.” .....more

The Working Children

“ One wonders why we need so many statutes to deal with a problem which all civilised nations recognise to be basic. The 1986 Act from a bare reading has done a patchwork job. It seems as if the legislature did not want to dismantle the regime of disparate provisions contained in different statutes. The problem is not complex to understand although difficult to resolve taking all factors into consideration. The Act is more in the nature of a symbolic recognition of a deep-rooted problem. Our own Constitution amply recognises this problem…”.....more


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